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420 Victoria Street, Brunswick Victoria, Australia 3056

420 Victoria Street, Brunswick Victoria, Australia 3056

By appointment only

Our Process

Our process for leather soles

Our binds are hand selected from Italy and utilised for their 6inch, full bind capability. Italy produces the best binds in the world. This gives our footwear strength, comfort and durability as well as old school charm.

Some of our leather soles contain soil from the Australian farm that the leather was bought from. The soil is incorporated into the process of stamping, giving it an authentic, rustic and unique feel.

Our process for rubber soles

We utilise 3D printing technology to produce soles which are hard wearing and able to withstand the long walking distances required in the Australian outback or urban concrete jungle. They are soft, durable and offer comfort and support for the journeys you will take in everyday life.

The design process

We thoroughly study our components to find the right match for each piece of leather. We then start the construction of the footwear, ensuring each piece aligns together seamlessly. The end result is one-of-a-kind footwear.

Finishing artisan touch

And finally, our footwear is always lovingly looked over by our artisans to ensure the quality is outstanding.