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420 Victoria Street, Brunswick Victoria, Australia 3056

420 Victoria Street, Brunswick Victoria, Australia 3056

By appointment only

Our Leather

We hand select each piece of leather for its outstanding quality, texture and design. We then lovingly and patiently condition, tan and craft them into our footwear for you to enjoy.


From the depths of the Indian Ocean off the Western Australian coast comes the Australian barramundi. The barramundi is larger in size here due to the nutrients available in the ocean. Either with scales (as featured by Mr Edwards and Mr Zane) or without scales (as featured by Mr James), this extraordinary leather is defined by its non-symmetrical scaled grooves, which penetrate the leather to create a unique style. Bought seasonally from local fishermen, we then condition, tan and carefully incorporate the leather into our designs.


This leather has been used for centuries for its strength, beauty and durability, with it often being referred to as “the jewel of the sea”. The bubble polished grain gives it an amazing texture along with the crown/eye as its centre piece. This truly classic piece will stand the test of time. As featured by Mr Grant.

Cane Toad

From the farms of northern Queensland, these uniquely exotic pieces of cane toad have beautiful intricacies embedded into its leather, which is known for its strength and durability. The poisonous sacks, which are the key feature of this leather, can be identified by the two round circles at the edge of the leather. The tan colour and grainy texture make this piece truly and uniquely Australian. As featured by Mr Bennett.


Very rare pieces are available to us from local farmers. Each piece of leather has very defined patterns and textures, which is why a very limited amount of shoes can be made. Delicate in nature and conditioned to bring out its natural beauty, each pair is truly one of a kind. As featured by Mr Hughes, Mr Hearst and Mr Collins.

Queensland cattle

From the far reaches of the northern Queensland cattle farms, comes some of the most durable, hard wearing leather around. Used for centuries, cow hide is known for its stamina and long-lasting qualities. Its grainy texture gives it a rustic feel to emphasise its origins. As featured by Mr Howard.


Known for its feisty, fighting nature, emu leather is accentuated by its darker bumps and lighter leather. It is soft and subtle which allows the formation of the shoe to run parallel with its design. As featured by Mr Bradbury.